From The Front Line:

The Vex join Hostage Music...

We've had our eyes on The Vex for a long time, since they were less hairy, less tall, more fresh faced. You see they use to support Alabama 3 on tour, many moons Krakatoa. This was their first test.

We put them on a helter skelter tour with the baddest of the bad to see if they were tough, to see if they'd fall down, but we couldn't break 'em.

Then to try them a little harder, we gave them support slots with Pete Doherty. The girls screamed loud, and the fellas too! This made us scratch our chins all the more.

We visited them in Camden often, and got into lots of drunken pickles with them. They all have nice sisters.

There's two Josh's and a Jack and an Andrew. None of them are forgettable. They're from Bexleyheath. They brought Tee, our label coordinator there twice.

Once Josh and Tee knocked over everything in Jack's mum's kitchen as they unsucessfully tried to lindyhop, after consuming all the vodka in the world. Then they ate all of her frozen pizza. There were twelve of them.

The second time, they went to a local club where they were DJing together, but Tee got so drunk she forgot how to DJ. They stayed in touch and we appreciated that.

One night at a party, the party began not to be a party anymore, it dried up, if you will, as many fell asleep. Boring bastards. So Jack and Josh did what all serious rock n' rollers do. When other bands get out the coke, The Vex blew our minds and took out a mattress. We then invented a game called 'Porridge'. We don't know why we called it that. It probably made sense at the time. It involved throwing ourselves down the stairs backwards onto the mattress. Here is a video of what happened at that party.

We have many stories yet to tell...

This is The Vex, we've finally taken them hostage.




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